8 things to know about the Internet

The internet is quite taken for granted these days, we have the big world-wide-web popping up answers to our questions, giving us hours of entertainment and fun and connecting us to each other.
But how much do we really know about it or rather what don’t we know about it, here are a few interesting facts to ponder:

  1. Just over 40 years ago in a lab at the University of California, Los Angeles the internet was born.
  2. The internet is used by an estimated 3.2 billion people and if it had to go down for a day about 200 billion emails and 3 billion Google searches would be queued.
  3. In China they have treatment camps for people who are addicted to the internet and about 40% of those addicted are said to suffer from ADHD.
  4. There are an estimated 204 million emails being sent across the internet every minute and around 70% of those are spam.
  5. The recent internet download speed capability is 100Mbps whereas in 2005 it had a maximum speed of 2Mbps. Experts are now worrying that science may have reached its limits as they debate how much more data fiber optics may be able to take or if it has finally reached its threshold.
  6. The first ever YouTube video uploaded was called “Meet At Zoo” and was done by Jawed Karim on Saturday 23 April 2005 at 8:27 p.m.
  7. 61.5% (nearly 2/3 of website traffic is caused by Internet bots, the majority of internet traffic is not generated by humans but by these bots and malware.
  8. The first ever website on the Internet is still alive and running the following link address will take you to have a look at this historic site – http://info.cern.ch