Beyond the Square brings you customizable, scalable, networking solutions consisting of good quality equipment with high security, performance and reliability ratings at affordable prices.

Offering the latest cloud-based services bringing our customers cost-effective flexible, secure integrated solutions designed with the added benefit of a built-in disaster recovery, fallback and daily back option.

Cloud PBX for hosted/virtual PBX services eliminating the need for expensive and complicated standard PBX system!  This allows for all the routing and managing of the system to be done by the VoIP service provider.

CCTV consultations, installations and integration with your current systems to ensure your premises can be viewed by certain mobile devices assigned by your company for real-time monitoring on or off the site.

Design, installation and equipment setup (including equipment cabinets) of network/server rooms which includes keycard or biometric door control systems for room access and control monitoring and security.

Skilled in cabling and the consultation thereof of new building infrastructure or the re-wiring / cleaning up of existing cabling structure and data cabinets.

Expert fiber, Wi-Fi and Diginet networking systems allow Beyond the Square to offer our customers a one-stop networking solutions and management service provider.